About Us

Countryside Children's Organization (CCO) is a Cambodian, Non-Governmental, non-profit, non-political Organization, established by a group of Cambodian agriculture founders and volunteers that have experience working as agronomists, agriculture and horticulture production specialists, and agriculture technology instructors.


CCO is a Cambodian Local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that sees Cambodia with developing economy, independent, united, respecting human rights, democracy as well as self-equity. However there are still plenty of orphans, street children, and disabled people who have no one to rely on.

CCO is trying their very best to establish opportunities for children to succeed in their life.The Organization's mission is to raise funds for a variety of education and vocational training programs to children. This includes supporting orphans studies at public schools (primary school, secondary school, and high school), and vocational training project.  In addition, we hope our funds will fill in the gap for all the existing programs that we plan.


1. Improving children’s language skills:

-A variety of language have been planned to be taught to the children but still leaving English as the main language to be taught in CCO.

- Improve students's language skill via focused language instuctions.


2- Develop and enhance children’s general knowledge:

- Teaching them about different countries around the world.

- Give children life skills and philosophy (moral, rights etc.) to help them deal with their daily lives. 

- Inform students the environmental and health issues concerning them (e.g. HIV/AIDS awareness, general hygiene, drug abuse, child trafficking, environmental pollution, climate change, global warming). 

3- Teach student to become responsible for their own lives and actions, and help them make positive decisions.

4- Provides support to the children:

Provides a home for the homeless children stay in.

- Provides education, food and study materials for children. 

-  Sponsor children interested in higher education

5- Invite foreigners to contribute to volunteer works.

6- Protect children from exploitation and sex crimes.

7- Reduce poverty in Cambodia by improving the quality of lives of women, children and their families, by coordinating and supporting activities to develop the society, cultures, and environment in rural areas.

8- Cooperate with other organizations and the Government to help poor people, especially those in rural areas and those that hardly get supports

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