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The Cambodian People have still lived with 38% under the line of poverty. More than 56% of Cambodia's population is under the age of 19 years old. Living in extreme poverty, many of these children face serious risks, hazardous labor, prostitution, and homelessness. Working at the community levels, vulnerable and oppressed children and families could transform their lives and with full of transformational development. CCO would like to appeal for further humanitarian assistance from all kinds of sponsors at local, national, regional, and international for serving the poor and vulnerable children to get their full potentials. You can help children by direct hands and or by CCO at community level by gifts, finance, and ideas,

Helping Vulnerable children to transform themselves through direct service of C.C.O in community and built the good future so that they could be reached to their full potentials!!! Building the Capacity/human resources for the poor and vulnerable children at community level can reduce of human trafficking, child right violation, prostitution, labor and sexual exploitation, sexual abuses, HIV/AIDS affection, migration exploitation, and domestic violence. Transformational community, transform their community and gaps of child well beings !!!